Teak Farming

Sagwan Farming is popularly growing concept in the Farming Sector. We are Sagwan Cultivators and Sellers in India, and are providing. We integrate teak and eucalyptus & popular plantation in india .We have more then 50,000 farmers across india .


Eucalyptus Farming

By platinting Eugliptus Clonel you will get nearly 100 to 2000 kgs per tree .Per acre you need minimum 1400-1800 clones approximately.I give rough calculation here i.e per acre 1500 plants .On completion of 4 th years you will get 100 Kgs per tree .So the total yield per acre is 1500 X 100= 150000 kgs i.e 150matric tons per acre .The present market rate is Rs 5000 to 6000. So the farmers will get per acre 150 X6000=9,00000/-


About Green Earth

Green Earth is the Name in the Farming Industry in India. We are the Sellers and Cultivators of Various Quality of Teak(Sagwan). The Sagwan Tree Plantation is the upcoming trend in Farming Sector. Invest in Sagwan for secure Investment


We Want to Rise Your Crops

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